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Packed full of features, optimum power and response all at a very affordable price.  The Link Xtreme.

STM Ghost Shifter Kit

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Shifter Type

STM have taken the technology used to change gears in WRC rally cars and Formula 1 and adapted it into an affordable form for the Mitsubishi EVO. Lightning-fast shifts at the push of a button are now a reality, so get ready to watch your times tumble and say goodbye to missed shifts!

The STM Ghostshifter is designed to complement an Ikeya Sequential shifter for the late model Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (4-9), and requires a dog-engagement gearbox. The Ghostshifter attaches to the Ikeya shifter, and uses a high speed air ram to physically move the Ikeya shifter, allowing the shifts to be made through either steering wheel mounted buttons or paddles (not included in the Ghostshifter kit).The Ghostshifter allows for faster, more accurate shifting which results in improved time slips at the drag strip, and quicker lap times at the race track. The fast and consistent shifting offered by the Ghostshifter also results in less wear on the gearbox dog rings, saving you money and aiding gearbox reliability.
For the best results, the Ghostshifter should be used in conjunction with an ECU that can provide either a ‘gear-change ignition cut’ or ‘flat shift’ feature to allow the shifts to be performed at full throttle and without the need to use the clutch. Full throttle shifting with the Ghostshifter keeps your turbo on full boost during gear changes and improves acceleration.

Quicker Shifts

One of the key benefits of the STM Ghostshifter is a much quicker shift time (shift times of 0.050 seconds are possible). When used in conjunction with an ECU capable of providing a ‘flatshift’ or ‘gear-change ignition cut’ feature, clutchless full throttle shifting is also possible. Less time spent changing gear means more time spent accelerating and less time for your turbo to fall off boost.

Never miss a gear

With an H pattern shifter it is very easy to accidentally miss a shift, and with a dog engagement gearbox this can be fatal as the gearbox will select any gear at any rpm. STM’s Ghostshifter eliminates this risk with the sequential operation of the Ikeya shifter. Push a button to change up a gear and push another button to change down – Easy!


Reduce Gearbox Wear

Shifting a dog box too slowly can quickly result in severe wear to the dog rings and this can quickly become expensive. STM’s Ghostshifter results in lightning-quick and positive shifts which have proven to dramatically reduce wear on the gearbox components.

Improve Consistency

If you want consistent lap times or time slips, accurate shifting is essential. With the ease of pressing a button, the STM’s Ghostshifter helps improve shift consistency and allows the driver to hit the right shift point every time.

Improve Safety

Regardless of whether you are battling for quarter mile supremacy, or time attack honours, a powerful car can be a handful to control. STM’s Ghostshifter allows the driver to keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times to achieve more positive control over the car. Perfect for those situations where power exceeds the available traction.

Race Proven Reliablitiy

The STM team know how important reliability is to our customers, and we have gone to great lengths to ensure the Ghostshifter will not let you down. All the components used are the highest quality available, and the finished product has been extensively endurance tested to ensure reliable long term operation.




Solid Mounts

The STM Ghostshifter replaces the standard flexible rubber bushes which mount the shifter assembly to the car chassis with solid alloy. This removes the natural flexibility in the shifter mechanism and makes each shift more positive and consistent.

Race Proven on DS9 - World Record Holder

The Ghostshifter was developed exclusively for use on the world record holding Project DS9 EVO 9 drag car which has posted a best time of 8.340 @ 169.7 mph. The Ghostshifter has been instrumental in achieving this world record as well as the consistency of the cars times run to run and the impressive gearbox reliability which the car has seen.


Ghost Shifter Kit Includes

  • Alloy STM Ghost Shifter Chassis
  • High Speed Air Ram
  • Air Solenoid, Air plumbing, and fittings
  • Weld on Mounts
  • Alloy Solid Shifter Mounts
  • All required mounting hardware
Assembled for your convenience
We pre-assemble every unit before it leaves STM.   Detailed step by step photographic instructions are supplied, to make installation, modification and setup as easy as possible.

Ghost Shifter Kit Requirements

The following are requirements and are not supplied with the STM Ghost Shifter.

A Suitable ECU
The Ghost Shifter requires an ECU which is capable of providing either a ‘gear-change ignition cut’ function or a ‘flat shift’ function to provide an ignition interrupt which allows the drive dogs in the gearbox to disengage long enough to change gears without the need to lift off the throttle.

Ignition cut length
For reliable performance, the ECU must be able to provide an ignition cut of around 50-100 ms.
Triggering Hardware
The shift can be triggered via either a button or a paddle mounted to the steering wheel. The button or paddle should be configured to trigger the appropriate shift solenoid on the ghost shifter (up or down), as well as triggering the ‘gear change ignition cut’ or ‘flatshift’ function in the ECU at the same time. Due to the complexity of individual installations and owner preference, the triggering hardware is not included in this kit.
Dog-engagement Gearbox
The ghost shifter requires a dog engagement gear box to allow clutch-less shifting, which is not possible with a synchro mesh gearbox.

Using the ghost shifter on a synchro mesh gearbox will also result in damage to the synchros due to the speed of the shifts.
Ikeya Sequential Shifter
The Ghost Shifter Kit mounts to a Ikeya Sequential shifter for the late model Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV-IX (EVO 4-9).

Model Number: IFJO2002

Ikeya Formula.gif

Air supply
The Ghost Shifter is designed to be used with compressed CO2, and this must be regulated to a maximum of 120 psi (8 Bar).

You will require a suitable bottle, mounting bracket and regulator.

Important Notes

Down shifting
In a circuit application with downshift capability, it is recommended that the clutch is used for downshifting. While clutchless downshifts are possible, the result may unsettle the car during braking.

Not for Street Use
This product is designed for race use only.

Welding Required
The STM Ghost Shifter requires a tag to be welded on to the Ikeya shifter.

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