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Packed full of features, optimum power and response all at a very affordable price.  The Link Xtreme.

HKS OB Link Monitor (OB2 bluetooth reader for Andriod devices)

NZ $250.00
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HKS OB Link Bluetooth Monitor

OB-LINK extracts vehicle data from the on board diagnostics port (OBD) and sends it via Bluetooth to an Android device (Tablet/Smartphone etc.)

This allows to to view alot of information about your car without having to fit guages. And most importantly for our Toyota 86 or Suabru BRZ is Engine Oil Tempature.

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Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ

and most Japanese cars



ol img 01



hks ob link screen

hks ob libk screen 2


HKS OB-Link can display the following

Real Time Meter -Display Items-
1. Speed
2. Engine RPM
3. Water Temperature
4. Ignition Timing
5. AF Correction Value1
6. AF Learning Value1
7. AF Correction Value2
8. AF Learning Value2
9. Intake Air Volume
10. Airflow 1
11. Airflow 2
12. Intake Manifold Pressure
13. Intake Air Temperature
14. Throttle Angle1 or Throttle Voltage1
15. Throttle Angle2 or Throttle Voltage2
16. O2 Sensor 1
17. O2 Sensor 2
18. Injection Time
19. Accelerator Angle1 or Accelerator1
20. Accelerator Angle2 or Accelerator2
21. Engine Oil Temperature
22. A/T Oil Temperature(ECT?EFI)
23. Shift Position
24. Error Code
*** Display items may be varied depending on the vehicle. ***

For info of what Model cars - what Devices and install Instructions please copy paste this link

Carscope App will need to be downloaded for the Android Store or from above Link


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