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Garrett GT35R Turbo Charger GT3582

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Garrett’s GT3582R (aka GT3540 and GT35) has become something of an industry standard when it comes to upgraded turbochargers. The GT3582 has become one of the best-selling products in Garrett’s range, and can be found on anything from a 1.6 litre 4 cylinder engines through to 4+ litre V8s.
The versatility of the GT3582 means that it is the perfect option for street, drag, circuit or drift applications. The availability of different exhaust housings allows the GT3582R’s response to be adjusted to perfectly suit your engine and application.

Supports Horsepower
400 - 600

Suits Displacement
2.0L - 4.5L



  • Ball bearing turbocharger
  • Oil & Water-cooled bearing system
  • High Performance BCI-18 Compressor and UHP Turbine
  • Perfect for high horsepower, but responsive engines
  • Works well as twins for large V-8 engines
  • T3 Flange inlet exhaust flange
  • Turbine housing is cast from high-nickel "Ni-Resist" material for extreme applications with V-Band exhaust outlet.
  • **Turbo does not come with V-band outlet flange or clamp they must be ordered separately**

Part Number

# GT3582R - 714568 - 2




Quicker Spool Up

Garrett GT-series turbochargers have all been designed with the help of advanced computational fluid dynamics software. This has provided the GT series with compressor and turbine wheel performance that far exceeds what could have been achieved previously. These improvements are noticeable the first time you put your foot down:
  1. Quicker spool up
  2. Less back-pressure
  3. Improved efficiency
  4. Ability to work efficiently even at very high boost levels

An exhaust housing for every application means quick spool up!

The GT3582 is available with three unique exhaust housing sizes (A/R) to help trim the turbocharger response to suit a specific engine size or application. ** Note V-Band outlet style NOW only available, 4 bolt has been discontuined**




Suitable for larger displacement engines (2.0L-4.0L+), or in applications requiring maximum power Suitable form medium displacement engines (1.8-3.0 L), providing a great compromise between power and response. Suitable for small displacement engines (1.6-2.0 L), or in applications where quick spool-up is more important than outright power


Improved Turbo Life and Reliability

All Garrett GT-Series turbochargers have the provision for water cooling in the core. Water cooling helps control turbine core temperatures, and prevents oil coking on shut-down. Water cooling has been shown to improve turbo life and reliability.

Ball Bearing Core

Garrett’s patented dual ball-bearing core is the industry standard for ball bearing turbochargers. The Garrett system relies on dual angular-contact bearing races, which eliminate the need for a conventional thrust bearing. A Garrett dual ball-bearing turbocharger is over 4 times stronger in thrust than a journal bearing turbocharger, increasing reliability at high boost levels.

Reasons to choose Garrett Ball-bearing turbochargers:

  1. Reduced friction in bearing pack results in quicker spool up
  2. Over 4 times stronger than a journal bearing turbo – Perfect for today’s high-boost applications
  3. Ball-bearing turbochargers provide a longer service life than a journal-bearing equivalent.

Exhaust Outlet Flange NOW V-Band Only


V-Band Flange

The Garrett GT3582 turbocharger is available with a V-Band design to simplify installation and removal. The V-Band housing comes with a convenient weld-flange for your exhaust system, and once fabrication is complete, installation is as simple as mating the exhaust system to the turbine housing and tightening the single bolt on the V-Band clamp.


Universal T3 Flange

Garrett’s GT3582 uses the popular T3 inlet flange on the turbine housing, meaning that it is compatible with a huge number of aftermarket manifold’s already available.  If you are fabricating a manifold to suit, STM can provide you with a suitable T3 flange in either stainless or mild steel.

Fits in Tight Spots

Garrett’s GT3582 really packs a lot of performance into a small package, but don’t be fooled by its size. The convenient size, and the V-Band option make the GT3582 the perfect option for today’s modern engine bays where space is at a premium. On larger engines, the GT3582 can be the perfect option for a twin-turbo conversion, offering the potential for over 1000kw (1400hp)!


A Brand Name You Can Trust

With the number of cheap Chinese turbochargers available on the market these days, it is important to know that you are buying a respected brand. Garrett is a well-established name, having been in business for over 70 years. Garrett continue to be a turbocharger supplier to many of the OE manufacturers, and have seen success in fields as diverse as WRC rallying, Le Mans 24 Hour, CART and Pikes Peak. Garrett turbochargers are also provide you the confidence of a warranty against manufacturing defects

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